At Wilcox Abereton & Co, we engage in criminal defense and human rights enforcement in Nigeria. Our firm maintains frontline human rights lawyers in Port Harcourt that represent clients in enforcement of fundamental rights through civil action. We constantly institute fundamental rights applications in court in deserving circumstances where citizens constitutional and fundamental rights is being or have been violated or trampled upon in both state and federal courts in and around Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Our main interest is to fight for justice and represent clients within the ambit of the law.

Below are our services:

  • Instituting fundamental human rights enforcement action to compel the release of accused being unlawfully detained or harassed.
  • Representing accused in criminal charges, especially on white collar crimes.
  • Offering legal advisory on criminal matters
  • Engaging in pro-bono to indigent accused in deserving circumstances
  • Filing appeals in criminal matters
  • Filing bail applications on behalf of accused
  • Instituting a criminal complaint on behalf of clients and cooperating with the law enforcement agencies in criminal matters.